Basic Guidelines

  • There are no banned items on this server but fire spread and tnt are all disabled to prevent griefing.
  • Please don’t leave floating trees.
  • To help avoid lag, don’t leave redstone repeaters running or leave mine carts running on a loop and please don’t make massive auto farms.

We hate having rules, but unfortunately some people will always spoil things, so sorry for all the reading below.


In case of minor grief or rule breaking you will be warned, jailed or temp banned. Persistent or major rule breaking will get you banned. Abusing powers can lead to a rank demotion. Abuse of donator rewards can lead to them being revoked. Ban appeals can be made via the appeal and must follow the proper format. We use anti-grief and log plugins, so denials won’t work. Blaming someone else using your account, is not an acceptable excuse. Keep your website and minecraft login details secure. Donating to the server does not exempt you from the rules as all players must abide by the rules equally.


  • Killing people for fun is not allowed (no free-killing).
  • A little cursing is ok, if something upsets you or for comic effect, but excessive bad language, flaming or raging is not allowed. If you have got yourself so worked up that all you want to do is rage, then quit and come back when you have calmed down.
  • NO EXCESSIVE CAPS, talking in all caps is not allowed.
  • No griefing (don’t break blocks placed by others without permission or spoil their work in any way).
  • Leave people space, don’t build right next to another player, without asking them if it’s ok.
  • Do NOT ask for staff ranks, they are earned, not given by asking.
  • No hacks, x-ray mods, cheat clients etc. (mini-maps or keyboard macro’s are ok).
  • No racist, homophobic or offensive remarks or symbols.
  • No religion or religious hate, we do not allow the promotion or abuse of any real life religions. 
  • Made up roleplay religions are allowed. All hail the mighty Flying Squid.
  • No advertising other servers or telling people about your own server.
  • Don’t mess up the landscape where players are building.
  • If you are in someone else’s town or build area and they want you to leave, please do so.
  • No Erotica allowed. We are a community for all ages, and this can be very inappropriate.

Extra Spawn Rules

  • Do not modify any houses/shops/farms or other property you bought and have access to in spawn.
  • You are only allowed to farm the spawn-farm you own, if you replant with the same crops.

Staff Rules

  • Staff positions are limited and can only be earned, not asked for. You may feel you deserve to be staff but there are lots of players who also do, not everyone who wants to be staff can be.
  • Staff may not give or sell spawned items to players. – Staff must not abuse their powers.
  • Staff must remain objective and avoid punishing players over a personal argument.


Empire Craft is a dedicated server for a 16-bit graphics game, one that is run purely out of the goodness of our hearts. None of our staff get paid to help manage this server and community, and we reserve the right to deny you service for any reason imaginable. While we will usually adhere to the rules as listed here, this is not an all-inclusive list. Any bans that seem unreasonable must be taken to staff for any chance of perjury, and are not guaranteed to be absolved. If the staff find your ban reasonable and justified, it will will stand, and you will need to begin a search for a new community to call home. While it is unfortunate that such measures need to be set in place, history and our experience with humanity tells us that there is presently no alternative. Thank you, and enjoy your time here!