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zixatron ELITE
zixatron @ Empire Craft Towny
I'd like to hear everyone's idea about the current Auction in game. Personally I never buy anything from the auction house (if there is anything) I've tried selling in the Auction House but nobody bought anything, also i was told my prices were to high :)
I talked briefly to Ollyy on Sunday. I believe he is going to try to add the plugin /auction for in the chat bidding. This server did have it years ago, and people used it all the time. I personally like the /auction bidding system because when i first started i could /auction Dirt or stone when more seasoned players didn't want to go mine themselves. I also think it would help new players, maybe they can make some money right off the bat.

Please comment on your thoughts.
Posted Feb 4, 19 · OP
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Kharizon VIP
Kharizon @ Empire Craft Towny
Sounds like a good idea, people are more prone to see what's actually being auctioned this way as everyone is notified in chat which is great.

The only thing I recall not liking so much about this plugin is when it used to spam with a countdown to when the auction would end (I think?) and most of the time it just seemed to occupy so much of the chat - I imagine it's probably not so much of an issue now though.

Nice to see someone else start using the forums again :3
Posted Feb 5, 19