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Adds more mechanics to caves in order to make caving a more interesting but challenging experience. Also pimps out caves over time and adds ambient sounds while underground.

Cave Growth:

  • Caves that are inhabited for a long time grow vines, stalagmites, and generate pebbles to make caves look more cavey and run down.

Hungering Darkness:
  • The hungering darkness are invisible entities that kill you if they find you in a place with zero light. If you are being targeted by the hungering darkness, you will hear a strange static sound coming towards you.

  • The way to get rid or kill them is by light so make sure you have a lot of torches.

Cave Ins:
  • When very, very low underground you should bring a rabbit foot with you to avoid cave-ins from happening. Once a cave-in happens, the cave around you collapses with a deafening blast while blinding you in the process.

Cave Temperature:
  • When caving, the lava in caves brings the temperature to at least 200,000 C (trust me i'm a scientist). Because of this, when low underground your character will complain and you'll fatigue every now and then.

Ambient Sounds:
  • Sometimes while exploring a cave a creepy song will play or you'll hear strange sounds. A few examples would be water dropping, someone saying "oh" softly, or a spooky music disc playing lowly.
Custom Cave Monsters:
  • Caves can be scary, so in order to make them as scary as possible I added scarier mobs.

Spoiler: Alpha SpiderShow
Spoiler: Smoke DemonShow
Spoiler: Lava CreeperShow
Spoiler: Hexed ArmorShow
Spoiler: Magma MonsterShow
Spoiler: WatcherShow
Spoiler: TNT Infused CreeperShow
Spoiler: Dead MinerShow
Spoiler: Crying BatShow
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Kharizon VIP
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this plugin is the bane of my life
Posted Jan 21, 19
zixatron ELITE
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I would agree, no drops or anything, just a pain.
Posted Feb 1, 19
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