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Welp the server has been rather dead lately..
I'm alive I promise
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Greetings! As many of you are aware, Minecraft 1.9 has just been released with a huge overhaul of combat and many of you have been wondering what our plans are for this release.

Supporting 1.9 Clients
We are in the progress of updating the server to support 1.9 clients.There has been a lot of mixed opinions about 1.9 combat and we have decided to stay on 1.8 for the time being. We are already experimenting with 1.9 combat and plan to move to public testing in the future to find what works best for our games and players.

The release for 1.9 will be expected to arrive by Friday 25th March 2016.

Stay tuned!

Kyish OBSIDIAN Yeah wait till bugs are patched
Zengo1234 MEMBER i think before we update to 1.9 we should wait for bug fixes because a lot of people have been experiencing world holes ...

It's been a while since I updated the website news feed, so I'll try to keep the update as simple as possible. The server has basically had an overhaul from improved in-game rank perks to new custom plugins.

Voting Rewards

- Each vote will now earn you $1000 in-game cash, 20 Points and a Crate Key. In-game money can be spent on anything you wish, no restrictions. The Points can be spent at the Villager at spawn, which sells custom tools and gear. The Villager also sells valuable items which cannot be attained in-game normally. Your Crate Keys can be redeemed at the Crate at spawn, or via /warp crates. The Crates offer a wide range of awesome rewards such as mcMMO credits, cash packs, mob spawners and enchants tools.

- We now offer a Crate Key Drop Party, which activates every time the Vote Count reaches 75 votes. Once the count reaches 75, every player online will recieve a Party Crate Key that they can redeem at /warp crates. The Vote Count will reset once it reaches 75 and will continue to give out Party Crate Keys every time it hits its goal.

New Plugins

- Over the past few months we have had new additions of plugins which will hopefully enchance your online experience and improve gameplay. Below are the new plugins which have been added.

  • Random Wilderness Teleport - /randomtp
  • Crate Keys - /warp crates
  • Resource Mines - /warp mines
  • Mob Arena - /warp mobarena
  • Auctions - /auction
  • Scoreboards
  • GUI Staff - /staff
  • Weather Vote - /wv sun /wv rain
  • Backpacks - /backpack

Staff Updates

- As you are well aware, the majority of the staff team has been away/inactive for some time now as we are hoping to have a fresh team of players who are active and bring maturity and friendly profile to the server.

- We have decided to use a new Staff Rank system in-game with the following ranks; [Mod] [Admin] [Admin+]. The current staff list are placed below.

  • oLLyyy [Owner]
  • swedsens [Admin+]
  • _Dench [Admin+]
  • 1Rippo1 [Admin+]
  • veileddraconis [Admin]
  • ryan1711 [Admin]
  • RoraKnight [Admin]
  • SkyLite101 [Mod]

- Apply for staff at

Dannio24 OBSIDIANSTAFF Skylite is admin+
harrykiller566 lol mods should be called the s gang
L_azer I've just realised that all the mods on it start with the letter s