make a thread and post screenshots
he took my sword
yes ask muffy
if you want to report a player, make a proper post and provide proof
Got proof snowy?
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Account unsynced - Une one of the following options to sync your site account with your TS3 account:
Option 1 - Click Connect
Connect to Server
Option 2 - Use Privilege Key
If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.

                                                                   Halloween Competion

As Halloween is coming soon, we have decided to have a little building competition. Even though it is a little late near the date, it will be a fun event for everyone to do.

You have until 1st November to design a Haunted House. Your haunted house design can be as big or small, as you wish. The better the design and creativity, the more chance of earning 1st place.

Build your Haunted House within your Town for best protection. Anyone can enter the competition and there will be rewards for the Top 3 Designs.

Judging will begin between 1st until 3rd November. Winners will be notified through the website as well as in-game. So keep up to date with events by checking the website on a daily basis.

1st Place: 300 Points + 50,000 Cash
2nd Place: 150 Points + 25,000 Cash
3rd Place: 50 Points + 10,000 Cash

Note: The Halloween Competition has ended, thank you to all who participated!  ~Staff

1. 1000 Players

We have reached 1000 in-game players! As we've reached this milestone, you are all rewarded with a kit in celebration. To redeem your new kit, head over to the shop and select special option. It is free to redeem and the kit has a 7 day cooldown. Enjoy!

2. New Rewards

As voting is one of our main priorities to growing our server, there are new vote rewards. For each vote, you earn 500 in-game cash and 5 points. You can spend these points using /shop which is an in-game shop menu that has lots of gifts to purchase, using your points. From custom tools to mob spawners, you have plenty of gifts to choose from. Enjoy!

3. Halloween

It's nearly here. Halloween is just around the corner so we've decided to add a special gift to the shop. This is a new Halloween kit which is for all players to use. Simply head over to the shop and select special option. The kit is free to redeem and can be used every 24 hours. Use /kit halloween in-game to use it. Enjoy!

Emerald_God GOD how many players have we got now?
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