1. New Server

As you are probably well aware, the new EULA system which takes place August 1st has caused numerous implications for the server and myself. With this new system coming into place, is means there will be less donations coming in to support the server hosting bills because of the reduction in donor perks. However to overcome this, there has been new perks added to the ranks to comply with the EULA.

So over the last couple of weeks, the staff team and myself, have been working on a new Survival based server using multiple well known mods such as Towny, mcMMo, Dynmap and much more. This is the most popular selection of plugins which players prefer as well as fun to play on.

We also have a new spawn which fits the aspect of Survival SMP. With new shops placed around spawn in multiple houses to fit the aspect of the new economy. There is a lot more new features in this update of Empire Craft and we hope to see you online!

2. New Ranks

The EULA system requires all servers to comply with their new rules as an agreement on creating a public server. So soon as this was announced, new ranks were created in place to meet the criteria for the current donors as well as the new ones. You can check out the new features for donor ranks at the link below.

Click me to check the new rank perks

3. New Staff Updates

As you are well aware, the majority of the staff team has been away/inactive for some time now as we are hoping to have a fresh team of players who are active and bring maturity and friendly profile to the server. The current promotions and demotions are placed below.

Staff promotions:

- Slyer01
- 1Rippo1
- ryan1711
- swedsens
- musicraft998
- UnagiCN
- Rockstr96
- AlphaDog09
- jaredTwoods

Staff demontions:
- The_Epic_Yak
- Gr33n1
- The_Hulse
- pierpat

Enjoy this new update and we hope to see you on the new server!

1. New Server Host

As you are probably well aware, the was a little downtime a couple of days ago. Due to the server growing and becoming more resource intensive, I dedicated to purchase a dedicated server. This means servers should be faster to connect to each other, localized data which allows you to load and update your game information quicker such as mcmmo, towny or essentials data. Our new currently plan is currently $270 a month plan which consists of 32GB DDR3 RAM, Quad-core Xeon E5-2620 processor, with 1TB SSD storage and 10TB of premium bandwdith. So as long as donations keep coming in, this plan shouldn't be too hasty to pay host bills.

2. Anarchy Server

Through long stages of development and play demands, we finally have an Anarchy server to play on. With custom designed races and skills, you can now play as your chosen character to play amongst custom chosen biomes, in an all round roleplay theme. Popular plugins such as mcMMo, factions, factions-plus, magic wands, interactive npc quests and villager traders have been added. Everything is setup outside spawn for information and guides on how to use commands, craft wands and spend your gold ingots (economy) on villager traders.

The economy is based on gold ingots, which has been integrated into every aspect of the server. From the ability the change mob spawners using gold as the cost payment, to global auctions using gold as the currency. You can store your gold in a /backpack which all users have access too, however you can upgrade your slot package in the Shop Store. The Wands use redstone as mana, which is simply what the wands use a power to cast your spells. Left-clicking with all wands causes your opponent to be pushed back, whereas right-click has a special ability specific to each wand.

3. New Rank Addition

As you can see we have a lot of GOD ranks within the server player base, so I've decided to give it an extra edge and hierarchy by adding another rank called Titan. Titan consists of lots of new perks to give you a great advantage suited to each server aspect. Be sure to check out its perks at

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posting videos of the server? :s
also wtf is that official youtube thing for?
also i will try and be on more often to keep an eye on the server to try and fit the staff application i put in so expect to see me more often
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