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Welcome to Empire Craft! You blend in with us perfectly!
I got 50k and and 20 spawners from voting today
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Account unsynced - Une one of the following options to sync your site account with your TS3 account:
Option 1 - Click Connect
Connect to Server
Option 2 - Use Privilege Key
If you already have an account on the TS3 server then connect & input this key in Permissions > Use Privilege Key.



1. 1000 Players

We have reached 1000 in-game players! As we've reached this milestone, you are all rewarded with a kit in celebration. To redeem your new kit, head over to the shop and select special option. It is free to redeem and the kit has a 7 day cooldown. Enjoy!

2. New Rewards

As voting is one of our main priorities to growing our server, there are new vote rewards. For each vote, you earn 500 in-game cash and 5 points. You can spend these points using /shop which is an in-game shop menu that has lots of gifts to purchase, using your points. From custom tools to mob spawners, you have plenty of gifts to choose from. Enjoy!

3. Halloween

It's nearly here. Halloween is just around the corner so we've decided to add a special gift to the shop. This is a new Halloween kit which is for all players to use. Simply head over to the shop and select special option. The kit is free to redeem and can be used every 24 hours. Use /kit halloween in-game to use it. Enjoy!

swedsens STAFFLORD 1000 playassss!



1. New Server

As you are probably well aware, the new EULA system which takes place August 1st has caused numerous implications for the server and myself. With this new system coming into place, is means there will be less donations coming in to support the server hosting bills because of the reduction in donor perks. However to overcome this, there has been new perks added to the ranks to comply with the EULA.

So over the last couple of weeks, the staff team and myself, have been working on a new Survival based server using multiple well known mods such as Towny, mcMMo, Dynmap and much more. This is the most popular selection of plugins which players prefer as well as fun to play on.

We also have a new spawn which fits the aspect of Survival SMP. With new shops placed around spawn in multiple houses to fit the aspect of the new economy. There is a lot more new features in this update of Empire Craft and we hope to see you online!

2. New Ranks

The EULA system requires all servers to comply with their new rules as an agreement on creating a public server. So soon as this was announced, new ranks were created in place to meet the criteria for the current donors as well as the new ones. You can check out the new features for donor ranks at the link below.

Click me to check the new rank perks

3. New Staff Updates

As you are well aware, the majority of the staff team has been away/inactive for some time now as we are hoping to have a fresh team of players who are active and bring maturity and friendly profile to the server. The current promotions and demotions are placed below.

Staff promotions:

- Slyer01
- 1Rippo1
- ryan1711
- swedsens
- musicraft998
- UnagiCN
- Rockstr96
- AlphaDog09
- jaredTwoods

Staff demontions:
- The_Epic_Yak
- Gr33n1
- The_Hulse
- pierpat

Enjoy this new update and we hope to see you on the new server!

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