because you're not pro enough
why cant we make hoppers..
lel olly thought i was fine... i think xD
Lol, You basically got banned because the person probs didn't like you
i dunnu i tried to log onto Empire yesterday and it said i was banned a sceenshot of it is on my profile page ;-;
You do not have access to shout
Shadowlyn is recruiting Builders to help build some new themed cities for our new upcoming world.  If you feel you are a great builder and would like to help shoot me a message.  I will need some players to act as a Foreman and manage the builds.  I also need players who can follow directions and suggestion with out getting upset to do the building.  The Idea is to have some themed cities set around the past Empires. In example Greek, Roman, Persian, Vikings, Renaissance/Medival, and the Wild West just for fun.  The idea is to have a Spawn city probably the Greek one and the ability to travel to other themed cities from there.  so the players can choose a them to roll with or to set out and just create their own town.  Each Themed area will be built to represent that period and will have but not be limited to Shops, Markets, Arenas, gardens and Rent-able apartments.  If you would like to help build these as we wait for the new update send a Message to my Enjin account, post on my wall, or post here.  Lets make Empire Craft the real EMPIRE Craft Server.

This does not mean all other ideas are nixed and if you have any please post them in the forum and we will see what we can and cannot implement.  We just want to see if we can get this done.  This is your Server and it is time to step up and help lay the foundation.

BrothrBear MEMBER If you want any redstone in these cities, I can build a lot of redstone contraptions. I just cant build giant computers.
druidicknight MEMBER I like help build one of the towns just let me know. I'm a pretty good builder. In single player creative I built a...
shadowlyn199 LORD Dark find suitable area to build and set a warp and message it to me. I recommend set protection blocks as you go or if...
At Empire Craft we have chosen not to implement the 1.7 modification to allow users with 1.7 to connect to 1.6.4.  By installing this bukkit it would stop many of the perks you enjoy with your ranks.  At this time the bukket being implemented does not add any of the features that we are all looking forward to so would not give us any value.  I hope you can understand our concerns and know that we want you to have full access to the perks you have paid for and a great experience while here at Empire Craft.   As soon as a Valid and working Bukkit is presented we will upgrade the maps and begin the process of copying the builds into the new world.  Please post in the forum if you would like to have anything copied and we will get to your builds as soon as possible once we have upgraded to 1.7. 

Ollyyy has announced that with the implementation of 1.7 server he has some Surprises in store for all. I personally cannot wait to see what they will be. He will also be looking into adding some different payment options as requested by some of our loyal players.  When we convert to 1.7 we will also be changing how we protect things.  We have seen a trend here on Empire Craft survival that our community likes to build towns.  So to make it easier we will be changing to the Towny protection systems instead of the Protection Stones.  This is happening to make your experience on Empire Craft more enjoyable and make it easier to do what you all love to do, create awesome towns. 

As we grow and change we would like your input on a few things.  We would like to know what Ideas you have for the new spawns and if there is any themes you might like to see implemented.  Please post your ideas in the forum so we can review your ideas and take them into consideration.

Remember to vote daily for your favorite Minecraft Server Empire Craft and the top three voters will receive a rank upgrade on the server of your choice or in game money. 

Thank you for your patience and your dedication to our community and server.
swedsens MONARCHSTAFF If you have any thoughts or themes of how to new spawn could look like please post them here -> http://www.empire...