Empire Craft has finally been re-launched for the release of 2017. Due to the many updates Minecraft itself have been releasing, the server has been catching up to meet the same version. After weeks of updating files and plugins, the server is now available to join running on version 1.11.

The following updates have been ammended to the server.

1. New World Reset

The world has to reset due to corrupt chunks whilst being updated to 1.11 version. However, we are still using our custom terrain builder which will enhance your gameplay more than your regular default Minecraft experience. Each biome is full of new features including Infernal Mobs which are more of a challenge than your regular zombie. There is also new trees, landscapes and strongholds to adventure into.

2. Rank Updates

Your default rank on the server for regular players is still Member rank, however the changes have slightly altered to the donor ranks. The reason for the donor rank alteration is to fit more perks to slightly less ranks as there was too many ranks with few perks. So the new ranks are as shown at www.empire-craft.com/shop which will have more permissions and commands to enjoy. Your donor rank will be matched to the nearest rank available which you paid for - you will always be matched to the  ranked higher, not lower. If your rank doesn't seem to add up correctly, please message oLLyyy or staff member privately and we can look into this for you.

3. Vote Rewards

Remember to vote for us everyday to win prizes such as Crate Keys, which are available at spawn or /warp crates. You can win extra in-game money which you can spend on anything you like. There is also chance to win Gems, which you can spend on exlusive edition items at /warp GemCrate. There is also chance to win Lucky Votes - each vote completed will reward you with an extra random prize. For each /vote that you complete, you will be rewarded with 1 Fire Crate Key and $1000 in-game cash.

4. Donor Shop Updates

There is now more things to purchase in the Online Shop www.empire-craft.com/shop such as new Disguise Packs, Trails, Glows Effects, Kits, Boosts and more! Head over there now and choose which upgrade you want.

Please stay tuned for more updates on this news post.

Thanks, Olly.

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HiandSee MEMBER how do i play???????!!!!!!!!!
HiandSee MEMBER how to download?